Cone 6 Glaze Technology and Kiln Firing

The goal of this class is for students to develop their confidence in glaze making, application and firing.

  • Students must be relatively proficient at handbuilding or wheelwork so that they can make enough work and test pieces to glaze.
  • students will learn the basics of using glaze recipes and how to make a glaze
  • students will learn the function of the various components in a glaze recipe
  • students will develop their understanding of glazes by working to improve the characteristics of a glaze recipe that they choose
  • they will learn how electric kilns work, bisque firing and glaze firing
  • By the end of the course they should be able to load and fire the electric kilns at the guild with a kiln mentor for bisque and cone 6 glaze firings.
  • If the teacher considers that they are capable in the evaluation at the end of the course then they will be given credit for six supervised firings because of having taken the course.  They will also be permitted to bisque fire on their own.
  • To qualify to glaze fire on their own, they will only need to do one more glaze firing with a kiln mentor.  These firings may be done as a small group in order for students to have enough work to fill the kiln.  Then the student will be eligible to be tested by the kiln supervisor to be permitted to glaze fire on his or her own without a mentor.   For their test to qualify to fire alone, the Guild Technician (Dan Wainman) will only permit two students at once so that their abilities can be properly evaluated.  Students are encouraged to develop and use a checklist when firing the kilns.  They should bring their checklist to the evaluation and demonstrate how they will use it

Decorating the Clay Surface

  • Prerequisite – some experience in addition to Introduction to Clay is recommended, at least Throwing I and II, or equivalent studio practice in handbuilding
  • Slips and underglazes
  • Achieving and enhancing texture
  • Using resists
  • Practice glaze application – dipping, spraying, painting
  • Majolica (on-glaze painting)  

Cone 10 glazes and Reduction Kiln Firing

  • Prerequisite – intermediate level of skill in pottery making and qualified to fire KPG electric kilns independently
  • Knowledge about firing our gas kiln is usually transferred through mentoring by current reduction group members, but in the future a more formal course may be developed. A Reduction Group Handbook is available to assist you.
  • contact the leader of the Reduction Group