Techniques for intermediate potters!

If you already have some experience, take one of these short classes designed to help you focus on technique. We are offering various shorter “workshop” classes to allow you to explore specific issues.

  • 4-8 week “workshop” classes, each one focusing on a specific technique
  • prerequisite: Throwing I and II or equivalent experience with pottery
  • you purchase your own clay
  • your glaze and one firing sometimes included;
  • you get access to our studio outside of class time – you become a guild member while you take this class
  • cost of each class varies: check the registration form for your class

Cookie Jars and Compost Pots

In this 6-week class, Patty will discuss how the concept of your lidded pot is related to how you see it being used.  We’ll talk about design considerations for various covered vessels.  How does the form of the vessel relate to the lid to make it both functional and attractive? Think about how it will work for different users (an elderly woman, a man with big hands, or a child).  What about the handle?patty-crop

You’ll try your hand at several of these:

  • sugar bowl/honey pot,
  • compost pot,
  • cookie jar,
  • canister (individual or set),
  • casserole, fish dish


This class does not include firings – you’ll concentrate on throwing, altering and assembly. If you are not a Guild member, firing can be arranged for a small fee.

Spouts and Handles

In this class, you’ll work on creating different vessels with spouts and handles, learning which is appropriate for which vessel. So you might make a pitcher, creamer, mugs or a small lidded pot. Patty will guide you through projects so you try each and consider how you want to use these elements in your own work.
6 weeks.

Throw big or go home!

In this class you’ll work on throwing larger, wider vessels, sometimes combining slabs with thrown elements, as well as cylinder forms. You may make a  casserole, a charger or serving plate or a tall vase or pitcher. Patty demonstrates the projects that you will then work on, bringing your own touch to the finished products.
7 weeks.
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The registration form will show you the number of weeks and the cost of the current workshop.

Glazing revealed

In this class: you’ll learn about glaze materials and glaze testing procedures as well as safety concerns. You’ll be using three different clays to see how different glazes look on different clays. Clay and glaze materials are included, and your glaze samples will be fired so we can discuss results. Check the details for what you need to provide.